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There’s now an instance of stagit plus git-daemon available for all members to enjoy.

Unlike the previous git repository hosting platform we used, this does not require an additional sign up.

It’s available directly from your $HOME.

User repositories are listed under /usr/$USER, as long as stagit-create(1) is ran from the Geidontei shell session beforehand.

You can check the post-receive example on the upstream stagit repository

Adding a repository

Once ~/public_repos exists, cd into it, and create a directory for your repository:

$ git init --bare repo.git
$ echo "Anything you want as long at it isn't way too mundane" > repo.git/description

Customizing the web views

You can customize your CSS and icons in ~/public_stagit.

Setting up the remote

From your computer, add the following remote, replacing <USER> with your shell username at and <REPO> with the repo directory:

$ git remote add <USER><REPO>.git # or use 'origin', if you prefer